How To Prepare For An Open House

Pare down and organize your belongings   Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves—and their things—in your home. Make this task easier for them by simplifying the space. When it comes to preparing for an open house, less (stuff) is more.   Get rid of excess furniture: Oversized or too much furniture can make even […]

Seller Advice: Changing Real Estate Agents

Realizing that your current listing agent isn’t getting the job done can be disheartening, especially if you have a signed contract with your agent that outlines their responsibilities. The good news is that plenty of sellers end up changing real estate agents for one reason or another, even if the agreement hasn’t expired. But both […]

Tips For Showing Your House

What is a real estate showing?   A real estate showing is any opportunity you give a potential buyer to see your home in person. It could be an open house, a lockbox tour or a private showing.   If you’re looking for a conventional buyer, and if you want to encourage multiple offers, avoiding […]

How Much Is A House Appraisal?

If you need to know how much your home is worth, a house appraisal from a professional appraiser will be needed. This is normally something that the home buyer has to pay for, but there are situations where the homeowner will organize the appraisal. Home appraisals can help find the best price to sell your […]